SOLO exhibition - Overlaps...

... overlaped with two other participating artists - Lila Herceg and Sanela Đurinec!

Here is the web of the gallery where you can check out the photos of exhibition and opening night!

And this is my work I exhibited there, my diploma work...

"Visions of the underworld", triptych

 And this lovely little lady beside me is my little niece Jana, so it makes me auntie hehe :)
Well if Beatles saw her, they'd be singing "Ain't she sweet" for her!


Graduation - and that day had to come!

So i graduated. And so what?! I often wonder why people celebrate that stuff... anyway studying is one's choice - and graduation is just a part of whole process.

So I figure I have noting much to celebrate now.
I decided not to celebrate anything with a special date attached to it.. not even my birthday.
We should celebrate life and living EVERY DAY!

Bla bla... Please, ignore me and enjoy my work!

These paintings are my diploma work - as triptych "Visions of the underworld"!


"Eastern sky", acrylic and oil on canvas, 210x180 cm, 2012.

Sketches and details for "Eastern sky"


 "In a glass house", acrylic, oil and collage on canvas, 210x180 cm, 2012.

Sketches and templates for "In a glass house"


  "Behemoth", acrylic, oil and collage on canvas, 210x180 cm, 2012.


Sketches, templates and details of "Behemoth"