Big group exhibition, Greta

So, there was once a Big group exhibition in Greta, to warm our artistic hearts around Christmas time...
Thanks to Greta team fo lovely organisation and joyful evening...


But special thanks to the JAM magazine crew who always suprise my with their sharp but funny comments!!

You can find the issue and a report on this exhibition here (and even my work on page 8):


Soooo obviously not selfportraits...

Well, who'd say these babies would be so popular.. this is already their fourth exhibition! Yaaaaay!
And this one at 2nd Triennale of selfportrait "Coexistence" at Prica gallery in Samobor!



"Wake of the flood" series


C.R.T.A. at 8th Culture Fair !!!

For the third time, in collaboration with my colleagues Jelena and Melinda, and with the courtesy of great SC... I organised and moderated drawing workshop C.R.T.A.

The lovely bilboard (i made figure on the right)

Besides the fact that this was the first workshop outside the Academy of fine art, which means full independence :) ... it was great thanks to many lovely participants, all of them great young artists!

Check out what I drew and exhibited!


Wake of the flood... New work from the series!!!

Acrylic and collage on MDF board, dimensions vary - 15x10 cm to 30x20 cm, 2011...

Picture without world / Beyond reality

Kiklopove kronike (Cyclops chronicles) are booklets of drawings and paintings... In this form they look like wordless comics so the story is narrated trough pictures.

Since 2008. I've made several of them, and I'm so proud to present you a very new one!

Slika bez svijeta / S onu stranu zbilje
Translated... "Picture without world / Beyond reality"...


Dharma for one...

"Just trying to be", acrylic and collage on canvas, 70x60 cm, 2011.

"Sommersday Quartet", acrylic and collage on canvas, 70x60 cm, 2011.