C.R.T.A. - drawing workshop, oh my, i loved it!

I'm proud to say I successfully organised a drawing workshop C.R.T.A. along with two of my colleagues and friends, Melinda Šefčić and Jelena Bando - girls kick ass!
Workshop took place at the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb - 10 hours of great work for 25 students!
Love to them all!

This is my result...

Combined technique on paper, 200x140 cm


New painting!!!

Acrilyc, oil and collage on canvas, 185x140 cm


spirit guardian

Acrylic and collage on wooden board, 30x40cm


Living mountain... again...

"Living mountain" series, acrylic on canvas, 40x40cm


Living mountain...

"Living mountain" series, acrylic on paper, A4 format


Painting workshop...

I attended painting workshop in Velika Pisanica, organised to honor the great and worldwide recognized croatian painter - Edo Murtić, who was born in that village... We had very little time, though, only three hours to paint with oil colours on canvas, which I usually prefer only for finishing the top layers of my paintings because of the slow drying... Anyway, I hope you like the result - this painting...


12. Krojcberg, Pula 2010. - mural painting festival...

I attended this festival for third time now - it was not as easy as it seems, but really enjoyable thanks to many lovely people... http://www.glasistre.hr/kultura/vijest/270465