7th FAIR OF CULTURE --> Velesajam kulture!!!

Student Center in Zagreb organised the annual Fair of Culture in which I participated this time! I'd like to thank everyone in charge, friends and colleagues, first of all - for inviting me, and then for taking good care about everything!

The program I participated in is called "All around the place : Street art"... I'd just like to say
that I'm not a street artist, everybody knows it, but I was glad to work with some of the best
representatives of croatian street-art scene!

This is the official site of the Fair, with a photostream of each day of this festival, a lot of workshops!
Take a look! -->


Anyway, this is my work...

In addition, here is a video link for you to see - check out the ART programme from 0:35 to 0:60!
7. Fair of culture SC, Zagreb...


Yes, I've been silent for quite a while...

...but I'm hoping
for better times now :)

Acrylic and collage on canvas, 160x110 cm