Dear all!

First of all, I wanted to share with you great news - my paintings and drawings such as...
thesethese and these
...got a new home - Inkubator gallery in Zagreb!

Of course, they wait for some dear and lucky person to take them home!

I am very pleased about it... :)

There is a festival of young artists there where you can buy something nice 
for you or your friends!

Thank you for supporting me through all these years, it means a lot!
I wish everybody a very merry Christmas and a joyfull New Year!!!


Paintings - Artist residency, Ukraine 2012.

This week I came back home from Ukraine where I attended a two week artist residency!

I was in Kiev and a small village Sednev where I got the chance to work, so this is one of the paintings I've made there during my stay...

Hope you like it!

Please visit my facebook page as well...


MUU + Kvartura 2012 - Lice s plakata @ CM Ribnjak

This weekend third and the biggest street art museum MUU took place at several locations in Zagreb and I was invited to participate again!

This was the biggest mural I painted by now, and in only four days I finished it...
It is placed on the north wall of Youth centre Ribnjak (in the Ribnjak park, Zagreb)!

Check it out! :)

About collaboration of MUU and Kvartura:

More info on MUU (Street art museum):

International artists as Malrky, Escif, Giant Robots, Ema Ema Ema, Esh, Isaac Cordal, Agostino Iacurcio and croatian artists Sretan Bor, Pekmezmed, Ninja Tiger, Stipan Tadić, Miron Milić, OKO and Artuditu team... decorated streets of Zagreb!!

Love them all!


31th Youth Salon - Corrections - HDLU, Zagreb

I am glad to announce that my work has been accepted for exibiting at this years Youth Salon!

It is the most prestigious and respectful biennal exhibition of young croatian artists. This year, only 21 of 181 entries has been accepted, so i guess it was quite a success!

Take a look at photos of the opening night!

For more info on this exhibition, check out these sites (croatian and english...):



Solo exhibition - paintings @ RiBook bookstore, Rijeka


Yesterday I set this exhibition in RiBook bookstore in Rijeka, Croatia!
Thanks to the great team of RiBook, it is there for you to visit it and enjoy up till 6th of October!

I'll post more of my new work soon!
Love to all!



Preview to Novo doba...

Novo doba (New Age) is a festival of authorial comics... - check it out - www.novodobafestival.net
It is held in Belgrade, Serbia, for third time now.

So, my dear friends invited me once more to participate in this years catalogue with new work.
These are my illustrations (recycled from older work, yes, so what)...

The theme of this years festival is "Third Age / Golden Age", the last stage of  this spectaculous human life on earth... I focused on childhood memories, because old people use to say that while getting older they remember childhood better and with even more joy than ever!

So, this is for our inner child - to keep it there until that day (until-the-day-we-die) !!!


/// Misty woodlands ///

Some new drawings, fresh from the oven...


Cosmic dancers

Time to start a new series of work - it doesn't differe much from other paintings by theme... but it is inspired by old fashioned portraiture in that charming oval frames. And that's new.

The title is symbolical, and represents the power of intent and unity of the newly awakened generation.

It is inspired by a T Rex lyrics "I danced myself out of the womb, I danced myself into the tomb". It always makes me think of how I use my time given by this life. So strange...

"Cosmic dancers", triptych
acrylic, oil and ink.jet transfer on canvas
28x22 cm (each painting)

Thinkers think and doers do

Well, I guess we are both thinkers and doers - ocassionally thinking to much and doing nothing to stop it, but then again, often doing something without even thinking before...

Howcome we can never find balance?

"Thinkers think and doers do. But until the thinkers do and the doers think, progress will be just another word in the already overburdened vocabulary of the talkers who talk..."

That quote defines it perfectly...

 "Thinkers think and doers do", diptych
acrylic, oil and ink-jet transer on canvas
73x46 cm (each painting)


One more...

...from "Wake of the flood" series!

Well, they're just popping out that water...


/// Sketchbook ///

This time, it's not all about my sketchbook...
"Sketchbook" is a charming exhibition of various booklets held at Academy of fine arts in Zagreb...

Check it out...


SOLO exhibition - Overlaps...

... overlaped with two other participating artists - Lila Herceg and Sanela Đurinec!

Here is the web of the gallery where you can check out the photos of exhibition and opening night!

And this is my work I exhibited there, my diploma work...

"Visions of the underworld", triptych

 And this lovely little lady beside me is my little niece Jana, so it makes me auntie hehe :)
Well if Beatles saw her, they'd be singing "Ain't she sweet" for her!