MUU + Kvartura 2012 - Lice s plakata @ CM Ribnjak

This weekend third and the biggest street art museum MUU took place at several locations in Zagreb and I was invited to participate again!

This was the biggest mural I painted by now, and in only four days I finished it...
It is placed on the north wall of Youth centre Ribnjak (in the Ribnjak park, Zagreb)!

Check it out! :)

About collaboration of MUU and Kvartura:

More info on MUU (Street art museum):

International artists as Malrky, Escif, Giant Robots, Ema Ema Ema, Esh, Isaac Cordal, Agostino Iacurcio and croatian artists Sretan Bor, Pekmezmed, Ninja Tiger, Stipan Tadić, Miron Milić, OKO and Artuditu team... decorated streets of Zagreb!!

Love them all!

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