Having and/or being

My original and primary intention is to display items from the wider environment that describe our consumerist nature and the nature of collecting, so called hamster syndrome, mainly through painting. With aspiration to stimulate and simulate critique of consumeristic society, I have visually shaped my own artistic expression with bonbon colors of pop artistic dialect.

I am not interested in objects which we approach with a predetermined sentiment, but only those which we possess, despite their function and purpose, or items only of aesthetic dominance and decoration. This is, in a way, a form of object fetishism.

While painting these objects (cars, household inventory, pets ...) I used photography in order to remain true to the nature of objects and literally described them, and yet again objectified these items into new meaning and value. In case when I transform those images into a new "artistic" meaning, they become objects of oriented, filtered observation, but even then they do not lose their fundamental context. I think that this is the result of our need to identify with the cultural context in which we use/possess the observed item. The reason of unconcious identification is the effect of our own needs and desires to possess.

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